Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Swatches

Rather than doing all of these individually I decided to put them all onto one post. Otherwise we’d be here FOREVER. 

Just so you know what to look for in the shops. These are the polishes I will be chatting about. They look like such a pretty rainbow! There are other colours but these are the pastel ones. 

 If you want to order them online you can do it on the Barry M website or by clicking here.  

We’ll start of working from left to right (so you have the bottle reference).

This is “Get Set Go” and is a gorgeous dark pink/red polish. This is two coats with the Barry M Cosmetics “Plumpy” Top Coat. 

This is “Turbo Charged” and is a dark orange colour. It has very small flecks of glitter in so it has a real sparkle. This is two coats plus topcoat. 

I’ve done a macro so you can see! 

See that shine and sparkle?! 😍

I adore this colour. It’s my favourite because I think it goes the best with my skin colour. This is called “In a Heart Beat” and as you can see is a peachy colour. This is two coats plus topcoat. 

This is “Full Throttle” and I seriously didn’t think I would love it as much as I did! I’m not normally an orange lover (no idea why) but this I think is a GORGEOUS shade of orange. This is two coats plus topcoat. 

This is “Stop The Clock” and is a pretty pale yellow colour. It reminds me so much of the inside of a banana. I actually hate banana – but I do love this colour! This is three coats plus topcoat – because it’s such a pale colour it took an extra coat to make the colour uniform.

This is “Pole Position” and is DEFINITELY my second favourite. Mainly because mint green is always gorgeous – but also because it goes on so well AND dries quickly (they obviously all do – but it’s my favourite mint polish for this reason). This is two coats plus topcoat. 

I’ve had this colour ever since the speedy quick dry collection came out. It’s the perfect blue colour (as you may have guessed I love this collection). This is “Eat My Dust” and is two coats plus topcoat. 

This is “Pit Stop” and YET AGAIN I love this polish. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect grey coloured polish because I think it looks professional and is perfect for work. This is two coats plus topcoat. 

Okay so I always get confused with purple colours. No idea why. But this to me is THE PERFECT shade of pastel purple. This is “Lap of Honour” and is three coats plus topcoat (for the same reason as “Stop the Clock”). 

This is “Need for Speed”. So this isn’t STRICTLY pastel… BUT it is a gorgeous dark purple colour. For the rainbow it fits too because there are two purples in the rainbow. I would sing it to you… But I don’t want to shock you all with my AMAZING singing voice. This is two coats plus topcoat. 

This is “Speed Demon” and is much like “Turbo Charged” with the sparkle. This is two coats plus a matte topcoat because it was so difficult to photograph with the Plumpy topcoat. 

This photo is just to show the shine that is in this polish. It isn’t this colour. 


This is “Kiss Me Quick” and is a GORGEOUS pastel pink colour. It’s so pretty. This is three coats plus topcoat – it’s a really pale pink so again it needed the extra cost just to make the colour uniform. 


Hawaiian Hibiscus Nail Art

Absolutely ADORE these nails. 

Such prettiness. I love hibiscus flowers because they remind me so much of summer.

What I used:

Barry M Cosmetics “Stop The Clock” for the base

–  Barry M Cosmetics “Pink” and “Black” Nail Art Pens

Barry M Cosmetics “Plumpy” Topcoat

– Acrylic Paints (Green x2, Dark Pink and White)

– Thin Brush
What I did:

1. Paint two coats of your Barry M Base Coat Colour and let it dry

2. Paint 5 hearts in a circle using the Barry M Pink Nail Art Pen. Don’t worry if they touch, you can fix this later with your base colour).

3. Paint the Style/Stigma using the black nail art pen (there’s some GCSE biology for you there) – which is the black part haha

4. Paint the dark pink shading on the petals

5. Paint black dots using the nail art pen again


6. Using your base colour and a thin brush, get rid of the bottoms of the hearts you’ve just shaded in

6. If you need to make the black part bigger then by all means 

7. Mix different shades of green by using the green and white paints

8. Make different leaves or branches using the different greens and thin brushes

9. Top it off with the Plumpy topcoat and you’re DONE!

Innit purdehh!! 

Easy French Manicure

Ever wanted to get a flawless French manicure but can’t handle the brush/can never get a nice smile line?

Well I have. I SUCK at French manicures. Except now. With this handy dandy tool. The Barry M Nail Art Pen in White. 

I’ve even done a tutorial for you to share my marvellous discovery. 


I used the Barry M Nail Art Pen in White and also the Barry M “Plumpy” Top Coat. 

You could use a Base Coat Colour (I didn’t use one because I don’t have a nice French manicure colour – it has to be quite translucent to be French manicure appropriate though)
Clean Up Tools (Acetone and Brush)

What to do:

1. Using the nail art pen, draw a diagonal line from where the corner of your “white” nail tips start (where your finger is no longer attached to the nail) to where they finish (the end of your nail)

2. Do this step again on the other side of your nail.

3. Next you need to follow along (whilst drawing) the curve of your finger from where you can start to see the nail tip colour change. 

4. Colour in the blank space.

5. Then colour in the two on the left and right hand side (add another coat if you want to – BUT after its dried, otherwise it will take the colour off)

6. Wait for this to dry.

7. Apply your topcoat and repeat on all other nails.

8. Get rid of any that you got on your skin by using the clean up tools.


9. Then you’re done!

I’ve done this on some shorter nails too, so you can see that it will work on shorter nails.

Here’s a laaavely comparison shot for you


Rainbow Aztec Print Nails

I haven’t done Aztec nails in soooo long. So I decided to give them a go again. 

Pretty init?!

We’re still on the Barry M Quick Dry nail art road. And I used ALL of these (minus the very far right pink – because I ran out of room. 


What you need:

– Neutral Base Coat (I used Barry M “Pit Stop”)

– Enough Polish Colours to make a rainbow (I used Barry M “Get Set Go”, “Turbo Charged”, “In a Heart Beat”, “Full Throttle”, “Stop The Clock”, “Pole Position”, “Eat My Dust”, “Lap Of Honour”, “Need for Speed” and “Speed Demon”

– Long Thin Brush

– Small Thin Brush

– Dotting Tool

– Topcoat (I used Barry M “Plumpy” Top Coat)

– Clean up tools (Acetone and Brush)


What to do:

1. Paint two coats of “Pit Stop” on your nails and let them dry


2. Grab “Get Set Go” (Red/Dark Pink) and paint a triangle near the cuticle and then paint a smaller triangle inside it

3. Grab “In A Heart Beat” (Peach) and using your long brush, paint two lines going across the nail

4. Next use “Turbo Charged” (Red Orange) and paint lines doing down from the triangles to the horizontal lines – leaving a gap in between both

5. Using your dotting tool, dot along the bottom of the lines with “Full Throttle”(Orange) and Stop The Clock” (Yellow)

6. Using your thin brush and “Eat My Dust” (blue) make small zig zags across the nail

7. Then make small triangle shapes inside these zig zags with “Pole Position” (Green)

8. NEXT use “Lap of Honour” (Light Purple) and your long brush to make two lines going across your nail again

9. Then using “Speed Demon” (Pink) do some zig zags along the bottom of your nail

10. FINALLY use “Need For Speed” (Dark Purple) and make little v’s inside the zig zags

11. Then you’re done with the Aztec print. You’ll then need to cleanup. 

12. Then use your topcoat to seal it all in place


So pretty and azteccy… Totally a word. Trust me. No there’s no need to look in the dictionary. 


It’s Pimms O’Clock

Hi there loves. So today I was feeling Pimmsy today but obviously couldn’t have Pimms because it’s a horrible day with NO SUN. 

I was trying to convince the weather to change and be sunny so that it could be PimmsOClock… But no. Apparently I’m not in charge of the weather.

The colour I’ve got here is Barry M “Turbo Charged” and is a beautiful blood orange colour with teenie tiny flecks of glittery goodness in. 

There won’t be a tutorial for this. To be quite honest it was difficult to do with my hand pressed up to my face let alone from far away trying to film. Sorry 😢💜

Paisley Print Perfection

You may see a theme with my next few nail art posts. I’ve finally completed a nail polish collection! It just so happens to be Barry M’s Speedy Quick Dry collection and it’s so beautiful.Just look at the pretty rainbow!  


 So I’ll be working along this to make a mani for each colour and then ALSO will be doing swatches of them at the very end. So I’m sorted now for at least a week (I’ll probably do ombre’s)
So onto the actual subject of this post. Totally love this more than I thought I would. I’m going to do way more Paisley prints! I say way more… Probably like 2.


What you need:

– Colour polish (I used Barry M “Get Set Go” from their Speedy Quick Dry collection)

– Nail Art Pen (I used Barry M “White”)

– Clean up tools (Acetone and Brush)

– Small Brush – Topcoat (I used Barry M “Plumpy” Top Coat”)

What to do:

1. Paint two coats of coloured polish and let it dry


2. Using your nail art pen, draw tear shapes onto your nail, leaving gaps in-between for details


3. Add your details (use mine as a reference if you want)


4. If you’ve used too much of the nail art pen then just use your nail polish and small brush as a eraser (I feel so American right now)

5. Let this dry and then paint your topcoat

6. Let your topcoat dry and then use your cleanup tools to get rid of any of the design you accidentally got on your finger

7. Boom you’re done! Paisley Print Nails!


Water Decal Nail Wraps – Review and Tutorial 

These nail wraps go on so much easier than the ones that I bought previously – maybe it’s because they’re actually water decals and fold around the nail naturally.   

I don’t know. Maybe I should check the science behind it haha. 

You may recall me having a massive rant about nail wraps a few months ago. Well this has completely changed my experience! They’re marvellous. 

The design is beyond beautiful and they were so cheap! At 89p per set of nail wraps it’s an absolute bargain! 


What you need:

– Water Decal Nail Wraps (I used Charlie’s Nail Art “C Series – Spring Flowers”)

– Glass of water
– Tweezers (to hold the wrap – I forgot these haha)

– Top Coat (I used Barry M “Plumpy Topcoat”)

– Tissue

– Nail File
What to do:

1. Cut your nail wraps so that you have one wrap for each finger 
2. Put the wrap in water for about 15 seconds
3. Slide the wrap off the backing paper and then place it on your nail

4. Put the wrap into position and dab at it with some tissue to remove the excess water 

5. Fold the excess down and file the edges to remove


6. Then move around your nail gently pressing down at the edges gently at the sides (so that it kind of removes the excess)

7. Put a topcoat on 

8. Pull gently at the edges (for some reason this removes the excess around the cuticles – even if you haven’t touched it with the polish. Weird) 

8. Do this carefully because sometimes it can pull at the actual wrap. 

9. Let this dry and boom you’re done.


Triangle Tetris Nails

So tonight ladies and gentlefolk I am going to finally run through my pictorial for my triangle nails that I did a few days ago. 

Deez be the ones 

Okay so I did the tutorial AFTER I painted my nails, so you’ll be able to tell a difference between the triangles haha 

What I used:

• Barry M Cosmetics “Sugar Apple” and “Matte Topcoat”

• Black and White acrylic paint (also mixed together to make the grey)

• Long thin striping brush

• Short thin detail brush

• Clean up tools (Brush and Acetone)
What I did:

1. Paint on the base colour and let it dry fully. 


2. Dip your long striping brush into the white paint and star drawing lines to make triangles. 

Don’t worry if these lines aren’t perfect. They are just your guides. 


4.   Once you have painted all your triangles you can start filling them in. I started with the White and the short thin detailing brush.  
You may want to go over these twice so they are white (this may have been my paint however)

5. Then you can start filling in your other colours using the same brush (try to start with the lightest and move onto each darker colour after the other – this way if there is some paint left it won’t ruin the colours)


6. If you want to change your design – go ahead and do that. I clearly did haha. 

7. When you’re done and happy – let your paints dry and then go ahead and apply that topcoat. 

8. Let your topcoat dry and BOOM done. You have triangle Tetris nails! 

Here’s that obligatory macro shot too 


Barry M “Sugar Plum” Review 

Oops. May have bought a new polish. 

Now I don’t normally do swatches for mainstream brands. But for this I had to make an exception!

It’s my favourite colour (which is pink/purple I call it pinurple).

 It’s just gorgeous. This is two coats plus topcoat of Barry M’s “Sugar Plum” from their Gelly Hi Shine range. 
It was £3.99 at Tesco’s. 

The first coat was surprisingly opaque, however it was thick which made it difficult to level out with just one coat. (This could have been because it’s an uber hot day today so changed the polish some how?)  

It was so hot I could take a sun picture!!! Like a boss haha.   

Here’s another window one. However this one looks like a brighter pink. Omg. That means the colour changes! Ahh that’s exciting. I’m going to see what other colours I can capture for you all now.   

Okay so I tried REAL HARD to get a picture of the purple in this because so far they’ve only picked up the pink. So I’m sorry it’s on a green background AND not great quality. I couldn’t take a photo of it near a light source haha. 

And final picture for now. Here’s the obligatory far away bottle shot.